A few funny bumper stickers I've come across

  • "Every day above ground is a good day."

  • "Horn broken. Watch for finger."

  • "Did you wake up grumpy today or did you let her sleep?"

  • "Women don't live longer. It just seems longer."

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I woke up one day on top of the world. I felt good and thought I looked good. I decided to wear all black because it's a good color on me. I chose black tights and shoes, black slip, black blouse, and black skirt. I pressed my skirt, dressed and left for work. I was really feeling sharp. I stopped for gas and was gratified to notice people looking at me. I thought, "They, too, must think I look good." After filling up the tank, I drove on to work, feeling like a million dollars. When I got to work, people were staring, and I beamed with pride. Then when I reached my section and walked in, my friends and co-workers started laughing. Following their eyes, I looked down and was absolutely appalled to realize I had forgotten my skirt. I made a break for my car, and spent the rest of the day hiding out at home. Thank God, I can laugh about it today.
M.W., Dallas, TX.

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What's your laughter IQ?

Do you feel stiff and uptight most of the time? Are you generally serious? Has your sense of humor slowed way down? Ever wonder if you laugh enough? Take the Laughter IQ Test and find out. It’s never too late to laugh more.

Stressed? Let's find out...

Today’s world operates on anxiety and anxiety is the major cause of stress. While stress is painful, it doesn’t have to be serious. This test is a light hearted measure of your stress level but it will get you thinking.

Funny things I've seen

  • A woman was yawning outside and didn't bother to cover her mouth. She sucked in a bug.
  • A teenage boy wearing very baggy pants walks down the street. His pants drop. He pulls them up and keeps walking. A woman watching almost wrecks her car.
  • A mother was laughing hard at the dinner table. She spit her false teeth into the mashed potatoes.
  • A dying woman whose bed is surrounded by student doctors opens her eyes suddenly and says boo! She is playful to the end.

Common questions about laughter

Why should I consider laughing when I feel so bad?

Because we laugh when we are hurt and laughter heals. The laughter was yours for the taking at birth. You used it then, and you can again. It's simply a matter of opening oneself to the healing powers of one's own body to assist in dealing with our painful emotions. We have to feel our emotions in order to heal. Our thoughts then assist our understanding. We need to feel as well as think in order to regain our balance so we can cope.

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