Belly Laughter in Relationships

The secret ingredient in love is laughter. In this informative and sensible book, Enda Junkins, a renowned relationship expert who specializes in Laughter Therapy, provides all the important information needed to keep laughter and love in relationships. The book explores all the serious aspects of relationships from a lighter point of view and shows how couples that laugh together develop vital, life-long friendships in which they never fall out of love.

You will discover:

  • How to keep laughing and having fun with your partner.
  • How and why laughter is vital for long lasting, loving relationships.
  • How to utilize laughter and humor to achieve effective communication.
  • How to use laughter to tolerate behavior.
  • How to use laughter to ease, enrich, and revitalize the four issues of sex, money, children, and housework.
  • How to laugh to maintain a relationship with a serious partner.
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Enda is recognized for her work in stress management and with individuals and couples in therapy.

Enda is a national expert on laughter in therapy which is a highly effective treatment modality in helping clients move through many painful issues. Since laughter is not normally associated with therapy, see Enda’s explanation below on the uses of laughter for healing issues in therapy.

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