Laughter Tips for the Workplace

  1. Look for the funny things that always exist like typos, the funny actions of your co-workers, your own funny behavior.
  2. Give your projects comical names like Quasimoto or Thumper.
  3. Have mindless toys on your desk and take short breaks to play with them.
  4. Wear a funny hat to express or change your attitude.
  5. Use cartoons to help with communication.
  6. Play with the idea of stress--learn to celebrate it.
  7. Laugh with your co-workers for a few minutes for no real reason at all.
  8. Under your clothes, wear a T-Shirt with a saying that lightens you up.
  9. Find playful ways to lighten up conflict with co-workers, ie., Certain toys that diffuse conflict; develop lightly humorous things to think or say; use comical visualizations that help you keep perspective.
  10. Exaggerate and play with the issues that annoy you most.
  11. Incorporate elements of a game into your work. For example, give yourself a prize for completing a project; divide the project into a football field and see each stage of completion as a first down; give yourself a cheer; develop a ritualized, playful way of turning on your computer.
  12. Laugh for 5 min. in your car on the way to work.
  13. Wear light-hearted, temporary tattoos that help you cope.
  14. Wear a light-hearted tie, scarf, or some other kind of clothing that will help you feel good and playful. Wear funny underwear if it is a serious day or meeting and outer attire must match accordingly.

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Enda is a national expert on laughter in therapy which is a highly effective treatment modality in helping clients move through many painful issues. Since laughter is not normally associated with therapy, see Enda’s explanation below on the uses of laughter for healing issues in therapy.

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