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Laughter Tips for Relationships

  1. Laugh together for 5-10 min. each morning.
  2. Do one loving and light-hearted thing for each other each day.
  3. Point out the day's absurdities to each other.
  4. Seek out the humor in serious situations and share it with each other.
  5. Put more fun into sex.
  6. Consciously smile at each other more.
  7. Stay playful in your interaction by keeping your voices and body language playful.
  8. Renew your "real vows" once a week. (See The Belly Laughter Workbook.)
  9. Take turns being responsible for the humorous thought for the day.
  10. Giggle together right before going to sleep.
  11. Play "Teasing Telephone Tag" by leaving outrageous messages.
  12. Have a laughter match to see who can laugh loudest and longest.
  13. Surround yourself with flowers. "The earth laughs in flowers." Emerson.
  14. Practice laughing without control. Spit out food, wet your pants, wet each other's pants.
  15. Echo each other's laugh. Laugh each time your partner laughs.
  16. Count the number of times you laugh each day. Compete and share them.
  17. Tell each other how much you enjoy the other's laughter and sense of humor.
  18. Develop a fictional phone menu for different laughs. Press 1 for giggles, press 2 for chuckles, press three for guffaws, etc.
  19. List the positive things in your day each day and read them to each other.
  20. Play together one hour a week. Examples: Sing, dance, race each other, give exaggerated hugs, count smiling faces when driving together.

© Enda Junkins, LCSW, LMFT, BCD

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