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I woke up one day on top of the world. I felt good and thought I looked good. I decided to wear all black because it's a good color on me. I chose black tights and shoes, black slip, black blouse, and black skirt. I pressed my skirt, dressed and left for work. I was really feeling sharp. I stopped for gas and was gratified to notice people looking at me. I thought, "They, too, must think I look good." After filling up the tank, I drove on to work, feeling like a million dollars. When I got to work, people were staring, and I beamed with pride. Then when I reached my section and walked in, my friends and co-workers started laughing. Following their eyes, I looked down and was absolutely appalled to realize I had forgotten my skirt. I made a break for my car, and spent the rest of the day hiding out at home. Thank God, I can laugh about it today.
M.W., Dallas, TX.

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