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It was a glorious Sunday morning. I looked forward to Sunday school and church, so I got my children up, dressed and fed them, and set off for the church. I noticed on the way that there was very little traffic, and while that was unusual, I wasn't terribly concerned. Then we arrived at the church, and there were no cars in the parking lot! Because I had been studying the second coming of Christ, I panicked. My immediate thought was that Jesus had come during the night and left me and my kids. I could accept him leaving me but not my kids! Then I heard a man's voice call "Good Morning." The man living across the street had come out for his newspaper. When I asked where everyone was, he reminded me that we had the time change during the night. I realized I was an hour early and Jesus hadn't come after all. I laughed with relief at my own foolishness and embarrassment at thinking Jesus had come and left us. My laughter then and since about that morning has given me lots of good feelings.
B.D., Jackson, MI.

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