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  • "Best speech in my twenty-three years at Southwestern Bell."
    ~ Bill Long, Area Manager, Southwestern Bell Corporation

  • "One of the most entertaining programs we have been privileged to experience."

  • "Truly gifted in getting people to laugh."
    ~ Nancy Baker and Richard Lantry, Texas Department of Human Services

  • "Your presentation style, involvement of the audience and use of laughter throughout was a perfect example of the important role that laughter plays in breaking down barriers. The audience loved every minute and gave nothing but positive reports about the great job you did. We look forward to working with you again in the future."
    ~ Sally LO, MBE, Founder and Chief Executive, Hong Kong Cancer Fund

  • "Thank you for sharing your unique and informative slant on laughter therapy. Having your warm hearted presentation on the final day of our Canadian Red Hat Roundup was the icing on the cake."
    ~ Lady Helen, Chairwoman, Red Hat Roundup

  • "I have rarely seen a presenter get the audience involved so quickly and keep them completely involved for a full hour but you did! Your presentation was everything we wanted it to be and more. It was fun, it was funny, and it was informative and educational. Everyone took something from your presentation they can use."
    ~ Thomas R. Selman, M.A., M.Ed., President, TARPPS

  • "Your presentation definitely was “hats off.” Handling stress in the workplace ‘the laughter way’ challenged everyone to use humor in a productive manner. Well done!"
    ~ Arden Reid, Director of Sales, Gtech Corporation.

  • "I would unhesitatingly recommend your seminar to anyone wanting a light-hearted, but effective, way to deal with stress of the office variety or otherwise."
    ~ Pam Breier,Manager, Dallas H.R. Department, Jenkens and Gilchrist.

  • "Thank you for traveling to NYC to minister to our beleaguered hospitality membership suffering the worst slump in decades. You took our woes and integrated them into your talk seamlessly. By the first ten minutes it was if a cloud had lifted. Thank you for the care you took with your presentation. It was both hilarious and helpful."
    ~ Ina Lee Selden, President Manhatten Passport, President, SITE New York Chapter.

  • "Your presentation on laughter and stress was creative and entertaining and provided everyone with an alternative in dealing with stress producing issues."
    ~ Judi Del Biaggio, Weil, Gotshal, and Manges LLP

  • "The managers attending your presentation felt the ideas and tools you presented to create laughter at work will be very helpful in reducing the stress levels of employees. We were not only entertained but appreciated the expert way in which you connected laughter with the more serious issues producing stress in our lives. As a result, we will laugh more at ourselves and take some things more lightly while continuing our serious attention to our work. It’s possible your presentation was a little bit magic since most of the mangers in attendance have been promoted."
    ~ Ava Hollie, Manager and District Training Coordinator, Southwestern Bell Corporation.

  • "You have a great ability to get participants actively involved in low-risk, fun activities that help them apply humor and lightness to their lives. This is just what we look for in effective speakers."
    ~ Margie Ingram, The Humor Project

  • "I want to express our enthusiastic thanks for your laughter therapy presentation. Not only was it entertaining, but the principles of the value of laughter were clearly presented."
    ~ Gordon Korb, Wesley Terrace

    We need to laugh more

    "Life is too important to be taken seriously."
    Oscar Wilde

    We are a serious nation with serious people who have serious health problems, many of which are related to stress. Laughter relieves stress. Through laughter we cope with our fear and anger, the two emotions which result in stress. Laughter lifts us up. Life becomes worth living. We experience relaxation. We stress less and enjoy other people more. We become fully present in the moment.

    Reasons to include laughter in your keynote addresses, conferences, retreats, workshops, trainings and seminars:

    • It allows us to be creative and to work harder but more comfortably.
    • It decreases isolation. Laughter allows us to bond with other people and ease our loneliness.
    • It's contagious. Laughter creates laughter. Allowing laughter to swell into a movement across the land would reduce our growing anger and violence.
    • It's universal. Everybody can laugh. Human beings are born with the gift of laughter. A sense of humor is not necessary to laugh.
    • It reduces aggression and conflict. People laughing are unable to hold each other at sword point. Some how there is no longer a point, only acceptable differences.
    • It relieves anxiety. One cannot laugh and be afraid simultaneously. It's physically impossible. Laughter also shrinks the source and size of our fears.
    • Above all else, it's fun. It gives us back our playfulness, a characteristic of all mankind.
    • Laughter is a natural, physical process which releases pain, physically and emotionally. It is part of the body's biological drug store. Introduce more laughter in your life and revel in the in the experience of your everyday life.

    Allow Enda Junkins, LCSW, LMFT, BCD a nationally known speaker on the benefits of laughter, to encourage you to reconnect with this fun, vital, energetic means of living. Call (970-325-0050) about speeches on:

    • Laughter and its place in the work environment.
    • Laughter and stress management - an effective tool related to all the issues of everyday life.
    • Laughter as a tool for change- A special tool for professionals of all kinds.

    Partial Client List

    • Hong Kong Cancer Center
    • Masterfoods Inc
    • Verizon Corporation.
    • Chartwells School Dining Services
    • Human Affairs International
    • National Association of Social Workers
    • AT&T
    • Jenkens and Gilchrist Law Firm
    • Munsch Hardt Law Firm
    • Austin Human Resources Management Association
    • Price Waterhouse
    • American Association of Medical Transcriptionists
    • Business and Professional Women
    • American Women’s Society of Certified Public Accountants
    • Move Solutions
    • BHM International, Inc
    • Assisted Living Homes Association of Alabama
    • Alabama Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
    • National Conference Big Brothers and Big Sisters
    • National Association of Female Executives
    • Texas Women’s University
    • Texas Associatin of Rehabilitation Professional and Providers of Services
    • IIAD-CPCU (Insurance agents and underwriters)
    • St. John’s Regional Medical Center Professional Conference
    • Presbyterian Hospital Conference
    • Aids Research and Education Program, Wayne State University
    • Social Security
    • Laredo Independent School District
    • Family Awareness State Conference
    • HEB Independent School District
    • Arlington School District
    • Red Hat Roundup of Canada
    • Gtech Corporation
    • Southwestern Bell Corporation
    • Manhattan Passport
    • Eckerd College
    • Association of Legal Administrators
    • Financial Women International
    • Department of Veteran Affairs
    • Texas Children’s Hospital
    • State Conference for the Texas Interagency of Early Childhood Intervention
    • State Conference for Health Care Social Work Administrators
    • Fannie Mae Corp
    • NASW Texas State Conference
    • Texas Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
    • Texarkana College
    • Texas Department of Human Resources State Conference
    • Ft. Worth Association for the Education of Young Children
    • Dallas Independent School District Psychological Services
    • NASW Oklahoma State Conference
    • Child Care Management Services State Conference for Child Care Workers
    • Central Texas Regional Network for Children
    • DFW Medical Center
    • United Methodist Church
    • National Health Conference
    • Printing Industries Association of Texas.-NASW Arkansas State Conference
    • U. S. Air Force
    • U. S. Army
    • Tx Young Presidents Organization Secretaries
    • Baker Botts Law Firm
    • The Associates
    • The Humor Project

    Common questions about laughter

    How can I laugh at things that hurt?

    Sadly for many people this question prevents them from using the healing power of laughter to deal with the pain. Many of us are unaware that we laugh because we hurt. Abandoning our laughter because of overwhelming pain simply keeps us feeling victimized. Tapping into laughter as nature meant for us to do restores our personal power so we no longer feel like victims. We are able to cope with our pain.

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