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Belly Laughter in Relationships

The secret ingredient in love is laughter. In this informative and sensible book, Enda Junkins, a renowned relationship expert who specializes in Laughter Therapy, provides all the important information needed to keep laughter and love in relationships. The book explores all the serious aspects of relationships from a lighter point of view and shows how couples that laugh together develop vital, life-long friendships in which they never fall out of love.

You will discover:

  • How to keep laughing and having fun with your partner.
  • How and why laughter is vital for long lasting, loving relationships.
  • How to utilize laughter and humor to achieve effective communication.
  • How to use laughter to tolerate behavior.
  • How to use laughter to ease, enrich, and revitalize the four issues of sex, money, children, and housework.
  • How to laugh to maintain a relationship with a serious partner.

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Common questions about laughter

Why should I consider laughing when I feel so bad?

Because we laugh when we are hurt and laughter heals. The laughter was yours for the taking at birth. You used it then, and you can again. It's simply a matter of opening oneself to the healing powers of one's own body to assist in dealing with our painful emotions. We have to feel our emotions in order to heal. Our thoughts then assist our understanding. We need to feel as well as think in order to regain our balance so we can cope.

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